Estate of Helen Herrell in Kokomo, Closing Online February 23rd

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Preview Will Be February 23rd Starting @ 10am

1 Baldwin Piano

2 Music Stand, Light, And Framed Print

3 Metal Music Stand With Miscellaneous Music

4 Two Trees, Two Boxes Of Books, Bookshelf With
Miscellaneous Books, Framed Print

5 Two Door Hexagon Table With Miscellaneous Music

6 Seven Books, 1876 Indiana Atlas, And Two Bookends

7 Floor Lamp, Music Magazines, Parlor Table

8 Wingback Chair, Ottoman With Ball And Claw Feet,
Wooden Magazine Rack, Floor Lamp, Stain Glass Wall Hanging

9 Lexington Sofa, Two Wooden Small Sofa Tables,
Teddy Bear, Plastic Lamp

10 Oval Parlor Table With Miscellaneous Glassware
Lamp, And Angel Lighthouse Print

11 Two Miscellaneous Rugs

12 Wineglass Print, America The Beautiful Music
Display Print, Oil On Board Signed And Framed, Cd Organizer, Copper Spittoon, Small Crock,

13 Set Of Wentworth China, Two
Knife Sets, Small Silver Plate Knife Set

14 Singer Treadle Sewing Machine, Lamp, Singer
Buttonholer, Sewing Sets, Singer Electric Scissors

15 Green Bottom Chair, Oil On Board
Sign, Oil On Canvas Sign

16 Paragon China, Depression Glass
Drinking Glasses, Dish Towels/ Rags, Glass Canisters

17 Table With Eight Chairs And Buffet

18 G E Refrigerator

19 Bakers Rack With Electric Stove, Toaster Oven
Crockpot, Bun Coffee Maker

20 Butcher Block Approximately 35" X 30" X 13" Deep
Top Sits Roughly 32 Inches From Floor

21 Roasting Pan, Tupperware, Two Boxes Of Glassware,
Small Sofa Table

22 G E Cabbage Top Refrigerator With Foot Pedal And
Contents / Glassware

23 Contents Of Kitchen To Include Microwave,
Contents Of Inside Cabinets, Contents Of Items On Cabinet Tops, Pot Rack, Copper Pot, Mirror

24 Chest Type Freezer

25 Miscellaneous Pampered Chef Items, Wrought Iron,
And Other Kitchen Supplies

26 Kennedy Toolbox With Contents

27 Remaining Contents Of The Back Room To Consist Of
Two - Two Drawer File Cabinets, Totes, And Other Miscellaneous Plastic Ware

28 Contents Of Room To Consist Of 6 File Cabinets,
Metal Desk, Camera Equipment, Ac Units, Pedestals, Organizers, And Another Plant Stands

29 Contents Of Room With Electronics, File Cabinets,
Typewriter, Office Supplies, Books, Metal Desk, Computer, Vhs Tapes, And Dvds, Cds, Binoculars, And Other Miscellaneous Electronics. Clothing Is Not In This Lot See Lot #30

30 Clothing, Cowboy Boots, Clothing Racks
Clothing On This Lot Only

31 Philco Radio, And Green Office Chair

32 Jewelry Boxes And Contents

33 Regulator Clock

34 Signed And Numbered Print Framed Under Glass

35 Five Piece Pineapple Bedroom Suit, Full Size
Bed With Headboard Footboard Nightstand Vanity With Stool And Chest, And Bedding No Other Contents See Lot 37 For Contents On Bed

36 Lot Of Costume Jewelry

37 Remaining Contents Of Front Bedroom To Consist Of
Books, Lamps, Playing Cards, Stamps, Soft Goods, Desk Chair, Primitives, Baskets, Bags, Rca Tv, Stool, Luggage

38 Contents Of Entryway Typewriter Stand, Stereo,
Flowers, Rugs, Launch Chairs. Shovel Has Been Removed From This Lot.

39 Victor Talking Machine, Filter Queen Vacuum,
Framed Portrait

40 Over Mantle Mirror 54" Wide X 72 Tall 8" Deep

41 Electronic Beach Chime With Keyboard

42 Hammond A – 100 Organ

43 Area Rug

44 Roll Top Desk And Chair

45 Mission Style One Drawer Table

46 Model Of An 1886 Benz In Showcase, Abraham
Lincoln books with ship bookends

47 Bentwood Chair And Projector Screen

48 Pump Organ, Miscellaneous Ink
And Other Items On Shelf, Bookshelf With Miscellaneous Books And Inkwells

100 Thomas Kincade Numbered American Flag Oil Canvas

101 Collection Of 29 Irons

102 Folding Shelves With Miscellaneous Puzzles
Drinking Glasses And Other Items. Irons Are On Previous Lot See Lot #101

103 Collection Of Comic Books

104 Doll In Display Case

105 Rocking Chair, Planter, Desk Chair, Books And
Bibles, baskets

106 Barrister Bookcase With Miscellaneous Books

107 Three Bookshelves With Shoes, Lamps, Books

108 Bookcase With Miscellaneous Glassware, Mirrors,
Dolls, And Other Items

109 Folding Wooden Table

110 Smoker Table, Plant Stand, Framed Print Of River,

111 Two Hexagon Tables With Marble Inserts

112 Sofa And Rugs

113 Two Fans, Luggage, Heater, Two Folding Tables, Ac

114 Two Mirrors, Vase, Folding Table

115 Brass Bed With Soft Goods

116 Floral Print Armchair

117 Nine Heaters And Some Soft Goods

118 Three Drawer Dressing Table With Mirror And Odd
Two Drawer One Door Box. Brass Lamp With Shade Etched Glass Decanter

119 Three Drawer Chest With Marble Insert And Glove
Boxes. Pitcher And Bowl And Two Lamps

120 Bed With Four Drawer Nightstand And Mirror

121 3 Drawer Chest With Marble Insert And Glove Boxes

122 Stand Table With Decorative Base, Globe With
Brushed Nickel Base

123 Microwave On Tv Tray, Popcorn Popper, Ac Unit,

124 Five Drawer Chest

125 Three Framed Prints, Vhs Tapes, Chargers

126 10 Hats In Boxes

127 Mirror

128 Two Bookcases, With Picture Frames, Cookbooks,
miscellaneous books, three plastic dividers, drying rack

129 Contents Of Room To Include Library Table, Angels,
Lighthouses, Tv Trays, Bird Bath, Miscellaneous Glassware, Longaberger Baskets, Toy Tractor, Ac Unit, Metal Tins. Hammock Has Been Removed From This Lot

130 Three Bookshelves, With Miscellaneous Books,
Picture Of Cleveland

131 Pitcher And Bowl, Mahogany Entry Table

132 Three Bookshelves, With Miscellaneous Books,
Octagon Table With Miscellaneous Books, Ac Unit

133 Table With Miscellaneous Butter Presses, Books,
Hat In Box

134 Wing Back Chair And Rocking Armchair

135 5 Folding Chairs, Two Tv Trays

136 Contents Of Closets To Include All Folding Chairs

137 Dry Sink With Picture And Bowl

200 Metal Stroller

201 4 Miscellaneous Childs Chairs

202 Pair Of School Desk Chairs

203 Pair Of School Desks

204 Pair Of Child's Chairs

205 Doll Crib With Miscellaneous Teddy Bears And
magazine holder

206 Pair Of Folding Chairs

207 Five Pieces Of White Doll And Youth Wicker

208 Directors Chair

209 Youth Chair And Doll Chair

210 Three Benches

211 Rope Bed

212 Contents Of The Attic To Include All Christmas

213 Writing Desk

214 Totes In Bags With Miscellaneous Soft Good
pillows and blankets

214a Bird cage doll furniture and easle

215 All Camera Equipment, Furs, And Other Misc
In Closet, Not To Include Any Personal Pics

216 Table In Five Miscellaneous Colored Chairs
Table Has One Broken Leg

217 Doll Bed And Shoe Rack

218 Massey Harris 44 Peddle Tractor

219 Rocking Horse

220 Cedar Chest With Miscellaneous Blankets

221 Paper Holder And Bed Frames

222 Two Vintage Scooters

223 Stack Of Moving Blankets

224 Miscellaneous Picture Frames

225 Decorative Fireplace Mantle

226 Pro Staff Compound Bow

227 Luggage, Two Drawer File Cabinet, Doll Furniture,

300 Keller 6' Ladder

301 Folding Flat Cart

302 Wooden Barrel With Clippers, Radio, Irons, Plant

303 Toolbox With Miscellaneous Tools

304 Wardrobe Cabinet

305 Buffets Cabinets Buckets High Chair Scale Chest
Wash Tubs Milk Crates

400 Rotavac ringer washer

401 Two vintage bicycles ladies bikes

402 Stack of 10 coke trays

403 Craftsman circular saw

404 2 1/4 floor jack

405 Portable 10 gallon air tank

406 Blue bench vice

407 Bench grinder

408 Three crocs as is with cracks

409 Warner 8 foot composite latter

410 Approximately 3 foot long copper planter

411 US general toolbox and contentment

412 Remaining contents of garage to include launch
years extension cords vases lightbulbs cabinets grill wagons planters nut and bolt bins miscellaneous toolboxes trunks Christmas baskets Christmas blowups lighting pond insert. Wheel barrel push mower other hardware creepers miscellaneous shelving