Spring Nursery Auction 4/18/18

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Our Spring Nursery Auction Wednesday April 18th at NOON


True North Landscaping, LLC has been sourcing & delivering Nursery Stock throughout Indiana for nearly 20 years.  Inspected Stock from several different Certified Growers throughout Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio & Michigan.  Something for everyone!



Fruit Trees – Pears, Plums, Cherry’s, Peach’s, Apple’s, Blueberries…
Evergreens – Arborvitaes (Green Giant & Emerald Green), White Pine, Holly, Boxwoods, Junipers & more…
Ornamental & Shade Trees – Flowering Pear, Maples, Redbud, Flowering & Weeping Cherrys, Flowering Dogwoods (White & Pink), Japanese Maples & more…
Ornamental Shrubs – Burning Bush, Lilacs, Althea (Pink & Purple), Red & Yellow Twig Dogwood, Patio Peach, Hydrangeas, Ornamental Grass’s, Perennials & much more!


EVERGREENS – Blue Spruce, Weeping Norway Spruce, White Pine, Junipers (several varieties), Boxwood, Emerald Green & Green Giant Arborvitaes, Holly (several varieties), much more.


SHADE/FLOWERING/ORNAMENTAL TREES – Maples, Japanese Maples, Pink & White Flowering Dogwoods, Magnolias, Weeping Cherry, Flowering Pears, Patio Peach, Redbud, Weeping Willow, Flowering Crabapple and more!


FRUIT TREES – Apples, Pears, Peach’s, Plums, Blueberrys, Thornless Blackberrys, Cherry Trees… NICE!  Many varieties!!


ORNAMENTAL SHRUBS/PERENNIALS – Lilacs, Burning Bush, Spirea, Daylilys, Azaleas, Butterfly Bush, Wisteria, Weigela, Ornamental Grasses, Hydrangeas, Hostas and more!


Many sizes to make everyone happy, all certified, inspected material out of Michigan, Tennessee, Oregon, Ohio, and Indiana.  We have beautiful product, selection, and have been serving Auctions & Hoosiers throughout Indiana w/quality plant material for 16 years!

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