Building #2 Closing Tuesday May 26th, Mr Lewis estate

Building #2 Closing Tuesday May 26th, Mr Lewis estate

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Loading will be Tuesday Unitl 5pm and Wednesday the 27th 8am to 5pm 

15% BP 7% IN Tax

2000 Milwaukee Dolly

2001 Milwaukee Dolly

2002 Tahari Ball, Orange Vase, Ceramic Hand, Coins,
Map, Fossils And Rocks

2003 Knife Sharpener, 2 Boxes Of Drinking Glasses

2004 Digital Camera, Monster Collector Cards, Stamps

2005 Purple Heart And 15 Pcs Reed And Barton Sterling

2006 Tackle Box, With Lures And Fishing Accessories.

2007 Misc Stainless Pots

2008 All-clad Pots And Pan

2009 Asian Spoons, Book, Bp Monitor, Cups Baking

2010 Swiffer, Rug, Grabber, Nail Files, Triangle

2011 Food Chopper, Processor, Utiensils, Paper Towel
Cutting Board, Decorative Boxes, Wooden Pieces, Pots And Pans, Cookie Sheets

2012 Assorted Kiten Items, Mini Chopper, Pyrex Nesting
Glass Bowls, Franciscan Platters, And Shelf Liner

2013 3 Shelves Of Assorted Plastic Storage And Igloo

2014 3 Shelves Of Sterilite And Ziploc Storage

2015 Shark Bagless Hand Vac

2016 Lodge Cast Iron Porcelain Coated Dutch Oven

2017 Microwave Soup Containers, Mirror, Bug

2018 Griddle, Pans, Cutting Boards, Wooden Utensils

2019 Trash Bags, Ziploc Bags, Lightbulbs, Stainless
Dish Drying Rack, Towels

2020 Igloo Cooler, Jewelry Box, Boots, Sponges,
Razors, Alarm Clocks, Scrapers, Scissors

2021 Misc Tools, Binders, Coin Books, Bug Killer, Desk

2022 Swiffer Wet Jet And Refill In Box

2023 Collander, Pyrex Vintage Charm Bowls, Paper Towel
Holder, Kitchen Utensils, Grader, A&w Small Drinking Glasses, Salt And Pepper.

2024 Books, Kitchen Utensils, Prex Measuring Cup,
Dust Pan And Brush

2025 3 Kobalt Empty Tool Boxes

2026 Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Vac

2027 Wood Decor, Planter, Air Plants, And Plant Food

2028 Light, Flashlight, Gloves, Fossils, Office,
Cigar Boxes, Piece Of Fur

2029 Rugs, Blankets, Throws, Placemats

2030 Stanley Empty Tool Box, 2 Red Boxes, With Wrenches
And Tools

2031 New In Box Toothbrushes, Kleenex, Mouthwash
Sponges, Swiffer, Bathmat, Trash Bags, Ziplocs, Flossers, Mirrors, Scissors, Combs,

2032 Canvas Art, And Two Large Blank Canvas

2033 3 Pr Of Shoes, Gloves, Belts, Wallet, Bucket

2034 Towels, Pipe Cleaners, Radio, Ear Protectors,

2035 3 Decorative Boxes, And Showcase

2036 Pyrex Nesting Bowls And Baking Sheets

2037 Cds, 2 Bose Speakers, Cords, Cd Organizers,
Media Trays, Soft Goods Onkyo Cd Changer

2038 2 Yamaha Receivers, Cds, Dvd Player Vcr, Lamps
Small Lock Box

2039 Ignite Hand Weights
1- 25lb, 1- 20lbs, 1- 15lb, 2- 12lbs, 2-10 Lbs, 2 -8lbs

2040 Assorted Restaurant Dishes, Platters, Bowls
Clear Glass Plates And Platters, White Board

2041 Ship Painting With Coa On Back

2042 2 Patio Chairs, Glider, And Plant Stand

2043 2 Hargrove Paintings With Coa

2044 4 Folding Chairs, And Metal Leaf Wall Art

2045 Mountain Landscape, Antonio With Coa

2046 Wooden Kitchen Chair

2047 Entertainment Center 58.5x37.5x25.5

2048 Barn Scene Sue Young With Coa

2049 Rose Colored Accent Chair 30.5x40.5

2050 Lighthouse Scene Benson With Coa

2051 Beach Scene Painting No Coa

2052 Walking Scene Parker With Coa

2053 Sail Boats Scene Henderson With Coa

2054 Floral Striped Chair 30x41

2055 Forest Scene Antonio With Coa

2056 Barn Scene Van Bell With Coa

2057 Cabin Scene Medina With Coa

2058 Beach Scene Sandee With Coa

2059 Cream Floral Striped Couch 83x31

2060 Cabin Scene Van Bell With Coa

2061 Carnival Scene Sullivan With Coa

2062 Cabin Scene Van Bell With Coa

2063 Winter Cabin Mountain Scene Van Bell With Coa

2064 Cabin Scene Sue Young With Coa

2065 Winter Farm Scene Van Bell No Coa

2066 Cabin In The Woods Sue Young With Coa

2067 Beach Scene Benson No Coa

2068 Ocean Waves No Coa Signed

2069 Misc Paintings, Pictures, Puzzles, Artwork Approx
17 Pcs

2070 Box Of Softgoods, Acrylic Angel Accent Lamp

2071 Farm Scene Uknown Artist No Coa

2072 4 Framed Hargrove Paintings No Coa

2073 4 Framed Hargrove Paintings No Coa

2074 Quilt

2075 Sewing Box, Rocks, Tray, Showcase, Tins,
Brass, Figurines, Clock, Anniversary Plate And Cup

2076 Hangers, Pillows, Jackets, Christmas Decor

2077 Singer Sewing Machine

2078 Purses, Towels, Hamper, Hair Products, Braces

2079 Luggage And Small Travel Bag

2080 Element 24" Tv With Accessories

2081 Lamp, Wall Decor, Clock, Silverplate Cups, Books

2082 Coby 19" Tv With Remote

2083 Kurzmans Fur

2084 Coffee Pot, Pictures, Frames, Corkboard,
Holiday Decor, Hats, Tupperware, Christmas Ornaments, Box, Cords, Phones, Humidifier, Bath Rail

2085 Grabbers, Brooms, Cane, Mop

2086 7 Storage Totes

2087 Sentry Safe

2087a Sentry Safe

2087b First Alert Safe

2088 Samsung 39" Tv With Remote

2089 Panasonic Microwave

2090 Dresser 33x48.5x17.5

2091 2 Wood Cabinets 14.5x14.5 And 14.5x17

2092 2 Step Stools

2093 Twin Bed Frame

2094 Floor Lamp

2095 Floor Lamp

2096 Floor Lamp

2097 Coat Rack

2098 Shark Sweeper

2099 Waiting Room Type Chair

2100 Chair 44" Length

2101 Round Stool 23"l, Rectangle Stool 24"l

2102 Brown Leather Like Recliner 40x31x37

2103 Wheelchair

2104 Rocking Chair 27x38

2105 Floor Lamp

2106 4 Wheel Rollator

2107 3 Fishing Poles

2108 6 Hampers, Shower Caddy

2109 Sterilite Storage Tote, 2 Master Locks

2110 Cosco Step Stool

2111 2 Coolers

2112 Paper Shredder

2113 2 Tv Tables

2114 Rolling Cart, Side Table 21x16x23.5

2115 Childs Dresser, Some Damage 20x16x30 And
Table Lamp

2116 Black Metal Rack 35.5x18x72.5

2117 Black Metal Rack 35.5x18x72.5

2118 Black Metal Rack 35.5x16x54.5

2119 Black Metal Rack 23x13x30

2120 2 Bar Stools 24"h

2121 Table On Castors With Pull Out Leaves 48x32x32

2122 Sony 48" Tv

2123 Metal Stool 20"h, Side Tables 12x30 & 24x24x15

2124 Pair Of End Tables 22x13x23.5

2125 Metal Rack 23x13x30

2126 Blue Metal Rack 23.5x13.5x30.5

2127 Black Metal Rack 36x16x53

2128 Black Metal Rack 23x13x30

2129 Black Metal Rack 23x13x30

2130 Metal File Cabinet 36x18x64.5

2131 Metal File Cabinet 36x18x64.5

2132 Floor Lamp, Wood File Cabinet 20x16x29

2133 Steelcase File Cabinet 28.5x15x52.5

2134 Lane Trunk 48x17x22

2135 Pair Of Table Lamps

2136 Coffee Table 47.5x22.5x16. Some Damage

2137 Pair Of Table Lamps

2138 Tv Stand 60x16x28

2139 Coffee Table 46x27.5x17.5

2140 3 Shelves

2141 Dining Table With 4 Chairs And Leaf 41.5x30.5

2142 End Table 27.5x20.5x21.5

2143 Table Lamp, Decor Bowl With Potpourri

2144 Office Chair With Some Damage

2145 Empty Jewelry Cabinet 16.5x13.5x40

2146 Table Lamp 56"h

2147 Pair Of End Tables 22x17x24

2148 Lamp

2149 3 Magazine Holders

2150 Set Of Tv Trays

2151 Pair Of Side Tables 20x20

2152 7 Plant Stands, 2 Fake Floral Decor Pieces

2153 Floor Lamp

2154 Floor Lamp. Needs Some Repair

2155 Pair Of Floor Lamps

2156 Magnifying Light, Floor Lamp

2157 Piano Stool 22x13.5x23

2158 Entertainment Cabinet 27x19.5x31, Brother Printer

2159 Mid Century Arm Chair 29x37x25

2160 File Cabinet 24.5x19.5x15 With Office Supplies
And Phones

2161 Office Chair

2162 Kirby Sweeper

2163 Empty Jewelry Cabinet 38x12x15

2164 Painted Desk With Mirror 28x31x13

2165 Cabinet 32x12x12

2166 Cabinet 38x13x28

2167 Chair

2168 Pedastool 26x8

2169 Dresser 30x19x30

2170 2 Storage Cabinets

2171 3 Bookshelves 72x36x12

2172 Asian Table 25x24x24

2173 Design In Wood

2174 Rug 83x53.5

2175 Rug 36x25

2176 Rug 26x50

2177 Rug 67x44

2178 2 Asian Wall Art Pieces

2179 Framed Painting

2180 Framed Painting Of Man 48x35

2181 Framed Piece Of Art

2182 2 Pieces Of Framed Art

2183 Flat Of Costume Jewelry, Pair Of Marked 14 K
Earrings. Located In Office

2184 Servers, Clock, Baking Sheets, Cheese Grater,
Flatware, Pads, Rolling Pin, Mugs, Salt And Peppers, Kitchen Utensils, Paper Towel Holder, Iron

2185 Misc Pots And Pans

2186 Stemware, Angel Decor, Linens, Tins, Game,
Clock, Trash Can, Light, Casserole Dishes, Cheese Slicer, Cooker, Mirror, Pyrex Bowl, Fake Flowers, Home Decor

2187 Drinking Glasses, Vases With Fake Flowers,
Tea Pots, Holiday Figurines, Cruise Ship Figures, Snowglobes, Ship Plate,

2188 Holiday Decor, Baskets, Frames, Sweeper,
Steam Cleaner, Linens, Candle Holders, Wall Decor, Angel Statue, Desk Lamp

2189 Vases, Fake Flowers, Precious Moments,
Stemware, Plates, Bowls, Willow Tree, Pitcher, Jar

2190 Bowls, Drinking Glasses, Glass Basket, Clock,
Masks, Trophy, Cigar Boxes, Yarn, Flatware Case, Silverplate, Cookware

2191 Misc Precious Moments

2192 Baskets, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Dolls,
Cookware, Mugs, Bowls

2193 Crockpot, Mirror, Fryer, Scale, Toaster,
George Foreman, Food Chopper, Hand Mixer, Radio, Iron, Phones, Cords, Wireless Headphone System

2194 Showcases, Storage Jars, Mugs,
Candy Basket, First Aid Kit, Kitchen Utensils, Precious Moments, Home Decor, Figurines

2195 Drinking Glasses, Precious Moments, Bowls, Frames,
Juicer, Tea Pots, Misc Decor, Clock

2196 2 Foot Stools

2197 Lane Dresser 64x18x30.5

2198 Recliner 39x29

2199 Storage Cabinet, Foot Stool

2200 Pair Of Metal And Fabric Chair 31x26

2201 Pair Of Orange Tables 15x15

2202 Asian Style Side Table 16x12x20.5

2203 Asian Style Nightstand 16x19x26.5

2204 2 Door Over Drawer Asian Cabinet 54x13x24

2205 3 Wooden Statues

2206 2 Waterford Decanters

2207 Pair Of Book Ends

2208 Pair Of Book Ends

2209 Old Autograph Book

2210 Sterling Spoon, Sterling Clip, Candy Dish Sterling

2211 3 Framed Architect Certificates, Medals, Architect
Award Plate

2212 4 Books

2213 5 Flats Of Jewelry

2214 Mexico Sterling Bracelet

2215 2 Cameo Pins. One Marked 900. One Marked 800

2216 2 Watches Marked 14 K, Pin Worn Marked 14 K,
Ring Possibly Gold, Victorian Pin With Stones

2217 5 Gold Filled Watches

2218 Books, Cds, Sheet Music, Framed, Piano Decor

2219 Pottery Plate, Sewing Kit, Book Ends,
Stein Jar, Trays, Throw Pillows, Decor

2220 Asian Statues, Lamp, Asian Decor Plates,
Candle Holders, Pitcher, Glass Vases, Glass Flowers, Broken Jewelry Box With Leg Inside

2221 2 Lamps With Paper Shades, Clock, Books,
Trays, Dress, Art Glass, Coasters, Decor

2222 Salt Rock Lamp, Jar, Pots, Pans, Cookware,
Sunglasses, Mugs, Towels, Pillow, Cookbooks, Pyrex Baking Dish, Radio, Kitchen Utensils

2223 Trays, Jewelry Box, Dishes, Scarves, Tea Pot,
Soft Goods, Silverplate Tray, Plates, Awards

2224 Purses, Coin Purses, Scarves

2225 Drinking Glasses, Pottery, Storage Bins,
Office Supplies, Baskets, Flatware Tray, Playing Cards

2226 Walker, Basket, Computer Monitor, Knives,
Dvd Player, Blue And White China, Totes, Furs, Soft Goods

2227 Toaster, Coffee Maker, Tea Cups And Saucers,
Tile Art, Stemware, Silverplate, Storage Tins

2228 Skid Of Books

2229 Large Pottery Bowl

2230 Manic Oil On Paper Signed C Miller 1998

2231 Lithograph Bernard Cathelin Paris Mexique

2232 Japanese Wood Block Teahouse Conishi, Seiichiro

2233 Chagall Lithograph Green Eiffel Tower

2234 Pair Of Abstract Lithographs, Not Signed

2235 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For

2236 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For

2237 Magic Chef Microwaves, Water Cooler, Humidifier,
Galanz Microwaves

2238 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For
Description. Medicine Cabinets

2239 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For

2240 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For
Description. Vent Fans, Paint Sprayer, Filtration System

2241 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For

2242 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For

2243 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For
Description. Bar Stool, Toilet Tank, Sink

2244 Paint Sprayers

2245 Ventillation Fans

2246 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For

2247 Misc Tools

2248 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For

2249 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For

2250 Heaters

2251 Water Heaters

2252 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For
Description. Grill Covers

2253 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For

2254 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For
Description, Medicine Cabinets

2255 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For
Description. Medicine Cabinets

2256 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For
Description. Shelves

2257 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For
Description. Toilet Tanks

2258 Skid Of Assorted Goods * See Photos For

2259 4 Chairs

2260 Sentry Safe With Keys 22x18x28

2261 Trash Can

2262 Craftsman Pull Behind Aerator

2263 Craftsman Pull Behind Thatcher

2264 Yard Roller

2265 Bookshelf With 4 Shelves 72x31x10.5

2266 Kids Step 2 Kitchen Playset With Accessories

2267 Aluminum Cage 41x28.5

2268 Coffee Table 50x28x19 And 2 End Tables 28x28x23

2269 Pair Of Lamps

2270 Crutches, Walker, 2 Canes

2271 Dp Trac 20 Workout Unit

2272 3 Trash Cans

2273 Bench N Vise

2274 Dolly

2275 Hoover Carpet Cleaner, Shark Floor Scrubber,
Kenmore Sweeper

2276 Honeywell Fan

2277 Craftsman 6" Bench Grinder

2278 Sentry Safe

2279 Long Handle Tools, Sawhorse, Wire Fencing, Tools

2280 Chair Lift

2281 Yard Man Blower

2282 Seeder

2283 Dresser Desk 34x19x42

2284 Bookshelf 25x11.5x41.5

2285 Trunk 40x19x16

2286 4 Wheel Dolly, 2 Toolboxes With Misc Tools

2287 2 Wall Shelves, Bookshelf 28x29

2288 Metal File Cabinet, Stool

2289 Christmas Tree, Camping Chair

2290 Mop Bucket

2291 3 Metal Boxes With Misc Items

2292 Craftsman Gas Bushwacker Hedge Trimmer

2293 Bucket, Ext Cords, 2 Auto Ramps

2294 Weedeater Gas Blower

2295 Container Misc Screws, Nuts, Date Stamper

2296 Tap And Dye Set

2297 Tackle Box With Misc Fishing Gear

2298 Wagner Cast Iron Skillet

2299 2 Dethatching Blades

2300 Wire Brushes, Clamp, Screws, Scoop, Washers

2301 3 Saws

2302 Black And Decker Variable Speed Drill

2303 3 Victor Mole Traps

2304 Craftsman Mower Parts

2305 Outdoor Table, Plant Stand

2306 2 Outdoor Chairs And Small Table

2307 Skid Of Stained Glass; Damaged, Broken

2308 Skid Of Books

2309 Framed Print, Cameras, Camera Equipment, Vases,
Home Decor, Lamp, Clock, Records, Lamp

2310 Singer Sewing Machine, Zig Zag Sewing Machine,
Argus Projector

2311 Long Handle Tools

2312 Next Mako Youth Bike

2313 Chair On Castors 34x20

2314 Buffet Cabinet 37x14x31 With Mirror 48x21

2315 Skid Of Books

2316 Christmas Decor, Ceramic Tree, Vintage Trays,
Drinking Glasses, Nativity Scene, Decanters

2317 Approx 21 Pieces Of Framed Art And Mirrors

2318 Wood Framed Chair 36x19

2319 Rocking Chair 35x24

2320 Corner Shelf, Wine Rack, Small Table

2321 Wheelchair

2322 Office Chair

2323 10 Pieces Of Art And Wall Decor 48x48 Largest Pic

2324 Bench With Red Fabric Cushion

2325 Fake Plant 82"

2326 3 Director Chairs

2327 Fake Tree 63"

2328 Coffee Table 16x19x40

2329 2 Chairs 31"

2330 Hooker Entertainment Cabinet 79x26.5x60

2331 White Rolling Cart 19x21x32.5

2332 2 Lamps

2333 Side Table 26x14x24

2334 Corner Shelf 13x48

2335 Pair Of Waiting Chairs

2336 Pair Of Waiting Chairs

2337 Lamp, Plant Stand

2338 Baskets, Fake Flowers, Decor Plates,
Wire Basket, Mugs, Oil Cans, Doll Cradle, Vases, Pipe Holder, Cigar Accessories, Wooden Duck, Serving Tray

2339 Misc Tools, Cassettes, Portable Air Tank,
Briefcase, Scanner, Staple Gun, Vise, Saws, Radio, Torque Wrench

2340 Sony Vcr, Socket Sets, Heating Pad, Flashlight,
Misc Craftsman Tools, Jackets, Cassettes, Sprayer, Metal Milk Bin, Ext Cords

2341 Misc Tools, Ext Cords, Paint Supplies, Straps,

2342 Pots, Pans, Dvds, Hair Dryer, Puzzles,
Back Brace, Drinking Glasses, Flashlights, Napkins

2343 Drinking Glasses, Stemware, Dishes,
Ornaments, Vases, Shoes, Canning Jars, Jewelry Box, Office Supplies, Cooler, Safes, Pictures, Tools

2344 8 Hats, 1 Hat Has 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

2345 Nativity Scene

2346 Tools, Christmas Lights, Games, Booster Seat,
Hamper, Bag, Camera

2347 Radio, Oreck Sweeper, Gun Cleaning Kit,
Toilet Tank Valves, Blu Ray Player, Massager, Light Bulbs, Knee Pads, Heaters

2348 Bose System

2349 Flat Of Pocket Knives

2350 Printer, Wire Racks, Computer, Tools,
Offiice Supplies, Coolers, Track Lighting, Toolbox

2351 Belts, Tools, Fur Like Hat

2352 Kitchen Utensils, Knife Block, Office Supplies,
Wood Statue, Paper Cutter, Cigar Boxes, Home Decor, Sunglasses, Hunter Coins, Basket, Decor, Knife Sharpener, Backgammon

2353 Headboard 65x82

2354 Rack Of Clothing; Mostly St Johns, Escada, Akira,
Most Xl. Rack Not Included

2355 Clothing, Fur Coat, Pink Formal Dress.
Rack Not Included

2356 20 Ft Ladder

2357 Hanging Light, Lamps, Cushions, Throw Pillows,
Kids Sewing Machine, Misc Dishes, Fake Plants, Purse, Shelf

2358 Toys, Throw Pillows, Purse, Lamps, Vases, Dishes,
Home Decor, Shoes, Candle Holders, Lighting, Doll Furniture

2359 Longaberger Baskets, Misc Baskets, Cookware,
Needlepoint, Mat, Walking Sticks, Indian Outfit

2360 Pillows, Totes, Cushions, Fabrics, Rods,
Fake Plants

2361 Lamps, Books, Boots, Canisters, Ice Bucket,
Trays, Car Phone, Yellow Dishes, Linens

2362 Cardboard Barrels, Tote Of Lighting, Fake Grass

2363 Box Of Directors Chairs

2364 Scale, Pot, Barbies, Tea Set, Shelves, Mirror,
Signed Golf Picture, Dolls

2365 Long Handle Tools, Boots, Toilet Seat Riser,
Yard Art, Noodle Machine, Tote, Banister

2366 Apple I I Plus

2367 Flat Of Jewelry, Badge, 2 Pieces Marked Sterling

2368 2 Pins Marked 10 K Gold, Ring Marked 10 K Gold

2369 Roaster Oven

2370 Iron Indian

2371 Fry Foval Tea Cups And Saucers

2372 Sigma Chi Blanket

2373 Singer Sewing Machine

2374 Singer Sewing Machine

2375 3 Framed Pictures, Drafting Board

2376 Computer Desk 30x24.5

2377 Coffee Table 18x38.5

2378 7 Directors Chairs

2379 4 Tall Directors Chairs

2380 2 Plate Shelves

2381 Rug 78x47

2382 Rug 71x47

2383 Side Table 23x23 And Coffee Table 16x36x20,
Server Tray 22x31

2384 2 Arm Chairs

2385 4 Dining Chairs

2386 3 Mirrors

2387 3 Mirrors

2388 Childs Rocker, Table

2389 Craftsman Electric Snowblower

2390 Sausage Stuffer

2391 Side Table 31x12

2392 Pair Of Lamps

2393 Rocker

2394 Side Table 27x16x14

2395 4 Prints, Dale Earnhardt, Mickey Mouse, Plant,

2396 Dresser 37.5x40x18.5

2397 4 Piece Track Approx 128" With Hand Crank Train

2398 Crown Pump Organ 51.5x 45x23 With Stool

2399 2 Sets Of Golf Clubs

2400 Cherry Empire Dresser 46x42x21

2401 Music Cabinet 41x18x13

2402 Walker

2403 6 Dining Chairs

2404 Fall Front Desk With Bookcase Top 37x72x16

2405 Bed Frame 58x48.5

2406 Leather Inset Top Fold Out Step Stool 15x27x10.5

2407 Quilt Rack

2408 2 Cherry 1 Drawer Stand Tables, Bed Step

2409 3 Piece Cherry Bedroom Set. Dresser 58x36x21,
Chest 22.5x56x18, Federal Chest 44x43.5x25

2410 Arm Chair And Stool

2411 Classical Style Mineral Type Tile Top And Base

2412 Chest On Stand 21x15x10

2413 Desk 30x60x29.5

2414 Vase, Paper Towel Holder, Drink Dispensers,
Wall Shelves, Boots, Tea Pots, Muffin Pan, Plates, Oil Lamps, Tupperware, Santas

2415 Set Of Narumi China

2416 Flat Of Jewelry, 2 Brass Boxes

2417 Hamilton Beach Mixer

2418 4 Lamps, Mirror

2419 Dolls, Kitchen Goods, Farm Toy, Green Jar,
Kids Sewing Machine, Barbies, Sewing Notions, Campbells Kids, Girl Planter, Shoe Figurines, Tea Set

2420 Cherry 2 Door Top 46x42.5x23.5

2421 8 Flats Of Jewelry And Sterling, Box Of Empty
Jewelry Boxes, Flat Of Clutches And Compact, Dresser Set

2422 3 Rings, 1 Pin Marked 10 K Gold

2423 Possible Gold Bracelet With Charms. Some Charms
Marked 14 K Gold. Loose 14 K Gold Charm

2424 4 Rings Marked 14 K Gold

2425 Unknown Charm Bracelet, Unknown Ring.
Ring Is Marked. Possible Gold

2426 Mickey Mouse Watch

2427 Sterling Charm Bracelet. 1 Loose Charm

2428 14 Small Totes Of Ball Cards, 3 Boxes Of Ball
Cards, 2 Empty Totes, Michael Jordan Card On Plaque

2429 Framed Lithographic Print By Don Balke With Coa,
Wildlife Lithographs

2430 Pat Angerer Autographed Photo Framed

2431 Jeff Pendergraph Autographed Photo Framed

2432 Paul George Autographed Photo Framed

2433 Katie Douglas Autographed Photo Framed

2434 Tamika Catchings Autographed Photo Framed

2435 Autographed Tony Stewart Picture, 5 Autographed
Indycar Pictures

2436 100th Anniversary Indianapolis 500 Yearbook

2437 Cloisonne Jar, Haeger Vase, Goebel Figurine,
Pottery Elephant Creamer, Ducks, Piggy Bank

2438 Roaster, Chef Tool, Pans, Flatware Case, Bedding,
Throw Pillows, Placemats, Napkins, Napkin Rings

2439 Jim Morrison And The Doors Underground Cavern,
Bleeker Stree, Greenwich Village Nyc Concert Poster

2440 Jim Morrison And The Doors Santa Clara
Fairgrounds Concert Poster

2441 Jim Morrison- Last Known Picture Taken Before
His Death

2442 Jim Morrison And The Doors New Haven Arena
Concert Poster

2443 Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble Pittsburgh, Pa
Concert Poster

2444 Aerosmith And Deep Purple New Haven Coliseum
Concert Poster

2445 Jim Morrison Mug Shot

2446 4 Boxes Cleaning Supplies, Car Care Items

2447 Flat Of Flashlights, Swiss Army Pocket Knives,

2448 Slime Tire Inflator

2449 2 Camping Stools

2450 Milkwaukee Dolly, Small Green Dolly, Cane,