On line only auction, closing June 29th, Firearms, Ammunition,Reloading, Preview Friday 10-2 pm

On line only auction,  closing June 29th, Firearms, Ammunition,Reloading, Preview Friday 10-2 pm

Christy's of Indiana

6851 Madison Ave. Indy 46227



Firearms, Ammunition, Dies and Reloading Equipment.






                           TUESDAY, JUNE 30TH FROM 8AM TO 4PM.

Preview Friday June 26th from 10am until 2 pm 


Firearms include Stoeger Coachgun Shotgun, Remington 03-A3 Rifle, Henry Repeating Arms "Henry Big Boy" Rifle, Ruger Vaquero Revolver, Ruger Blackhawk Revolver, Ruger Redhawk Revolver, Marlin Original Golden 39-A, Marlin 1894 and Many More.  There is also ammunition, many reloading dies and reloading equipment.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL CATALOG AND PHOTOS.

Gun Catalog

Lot # Description
1 Remington 1911 R1 Pistol cal. 45 Auto SN: RHH018014 with Green Remington Gun Case.  NO MAGAZINE
2 Springfield Armory XDM-40 Pistol cal. 40 s&w SN: MG104627 with Black XDM Case
3 Springfield Armory XDM-10 Pistol cal. 10 mm Auto SN: HM509112 with Black Springfield Case.  NO MAGAZINE
4 PARA 1911 Expert 14.45 Pistol cal. 45 acp. SN: K041474 in Green PARA Case
5 Ruger Target Model 22/45 MK III Pistol cal. 22 LR SN: 272-54120 in Grey Ruger Case.  NO MAGAZINE
6 Remington 1911  R1S Pistol cal. 45 Auto SN: RHH058630.  With Box but NO MAGAZINE
7 Ruger New Model Blackhawk Revolver cal. 45 SN: 48-18387 in Grey Ruger Case
8 Ruger Vaquero Revolver cal. 45 SN: 58-43349 in Grey Ruger Case
9 Ruger Vaquero Revolver cal. 45 SN: 56-65110 in Grey Ruger Case
10 Ruger New Model Single-Six Revolver cal. 22 SN: 261-28257 in Ruger Box
11 Ruger Redhawk Revolver cal. 44 Mag. SN: 500-87458
12 Smith & Wesson Mod. 66 Revolver cal. s&w 357 Magnum SN: 9K24396
13 Antique Smith & Wesson "Pattern 44" Revolver cal. 44, Top Break, 6 Shot, No Serial Number Found.  No Paperwork Necessary
14 Smith & Wesson Springfield Top Break, 5 Shot Revolver cal. 38 SN: 38321 Pat'D May 11 1880, Jan 13 1182, April 19 1889.  No Paperwork Necessary
15 U.S. Revolver Co. Top Break, 5 Shot Antique Revolver.  No Serial Number Found.  No Paperwork Necessary
16 Antique Collectible Allen & Wheelock 22 cal. Revolver No Serial Number Found.  No Paperwork Necessary
17 Iver Johnson Top Break 5 Shot, 32 cal Revolver SN: A89199 No Paperwork Necessary
18 Derringer North American Arms Mini Revolver Series NAA-PUG-DPL cal. 22  Mag. SN: PPL0208 with Laser Lyte Grips
19 POF Model P-415 Rifle Multi Cal. SN: BB-1600436 with Armpoint Scope.  NO MAGAZINE (Patriot Ordnance Factory)
20 Ruger Precision Rifle cal. 22 LR SN: 840-24320 with Ruger BX-15 Magazine and Box
21 Browning Made in Japan Rifle cal. 22 LR SN: 16711RT146 with 4X Redfield Scope
22 Marlin Model 1894 CBC Rifle cal. 45 Colt SN: 98219000 "1894 Cowboy Competition"
23 Marlin Model 88  Rifle cal. 22 LR No Serial Number Found
24 Ruger Ranch Rifle cal. .223 SN: 196-80164 with Tasco Scope World Class Compact 4X32IR and Box
25 Marlin Model 1894 CB Rifle cal. 45 Colt SN: 94208900 "1894 Cowboy Limited" with Box (box is damaged)
26 Marlin Model 1895 CB Rifle cal. 45/70 Govt. SN: 98208784
27 Marlin Original Golden - 39A Rifle cal. 22 S.L. & LR SN: 96300274 with Bushnell Scope and Box (box is damaged)
28 Marlin Model 1894 CB Rifle cal. 45 Colt SN:  99130684 "1894 Cowboy Limited"
29 Marlin Model 1894 CL "Classic" Rifle cal. 25-20 Win SN: CL250827
30 Henry Repeating Arms Model H006 Henry Big Boy Rifle cal. 44 Rem Mag / 44 Spl. SN: BB0068205
31 Springfield Model 944 Shotgun 410  Bore SN: P387866
32 Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical Shotgun 12 ga. SN: RT30798B with Box
33 Remington The TargetMaster Model 41 Rifle cal. 22 Short, Long or LR No Serial Number Found
34 Marlin Model 45 Rifle cal. 45 Auto SN: 45002433
35 Winchester Model 1897 Shotgun 12 ga. SN: C70849
36 Norinco 97 Made in China Shotgun 12 ga. SN: 0108176 with Box
37 Winchester Model 97 Shotgun 12 ga. SN: E801070
38 IAC Billerica MA China Import Model 97 Shotgun 12 ga. SN: 0308972 with Box
39 Stoeger Coachgun Side by Side Shotgun 12 ga. "E.R. Amantino"  SN: 501897-02 with Box
40 U.S. Remington Model 03-A3 Rifle SN: 3381035
41 Browning Made in Japan Shotgun Field Model 26" Invector Plus BPS Special Steel SN: 04938NPT52.  Rusty
42 Unknown Make or Model 12 ga. Single Barrel Shotgun SN: 4874???? Hard to Read
43 Crossman Air Guns Model 760-D, 760 Pumpmaster .177 Pellets / BB Repeater SN: 497101657
44 Daisy Model 1938B "Red Ryder" BB Cal. 14.5mm Steel Air Gun
45 J.C. Higgins Model 20 Shotgun 12 ga. No Serial Number Found with 2 Extra Chokes and Soft Case
46 Mossberg Model 500E Shotgun 410 ga. SN: J513553 26 inch choke with Soft Case
47 Swedish Mauser Marked Husqvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag 1941 Rifle caliber unknown SN: 618425 with Sling and Soft Case
48 Remington Sportmaster Model 512 Rifle cal. 22 No Serial Number Found with Soft Case
49 Savage cal. 300 Savage Rifle SN: 613156 with Tasco Scope 4X20, Sling and Soft Case
50 Daisy Model 95 BB Gun
51 Harpers Ferry Armory Model 1816 Flintlock Smooth Bore .69 cal. Musket.  Made in 1821.  Later converted to percussion
52 Colt MK IV Series 80 Officer's ACP cal. 45 Auto Pistol SN: FAO4145 in Black Case