Firearms and Accessories Auction Ending Friday, Oct. 30 at 9am

Firearms and Accessories Auction Ending Friday, Oct. 30 at 9am

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Firearms and Accessories Auction

Auction Ending on Friday, Oct. 30 at 9am




FIREARMS CATALOG- Watch for updates often

Lot # Description
1 Ruger Model 9E SN: 337-28328 Pistol 9mm in Box with 3 Extra Magazines
2 S C C Y Model CPX-2 SN: 499742 Pistol 9mm in Box
3 Marlin Model 44 SN: 5607 Shotgun 20 ga.
4 J. Stevens Marksman SN: N 893 Rifle cal. 22 Long Rifle
5 Masterpiece Arms Model MPA-10 SST-A SN: A9121 Pistol cal. 45 No Magazine
6 Taurus Tactical Model PT24/7 OSS DS SN:  NB091688 Pistol cal. 45
7 Cobra Model CA 380 SN: CP042500 Pistol cal. 380
8 Charter Arms Bulldog SN: 10-06376 Revolver cal. 44 spl.
9 Jimenez Arms Model JA 380 SN: 081694 Pistol cal. 380 Auto
10 R G Model R G 40 SN: 016865 Revolver cal. 38
11 Cobra Model CA 380 SN: CP042664 Pistol cal. 380 Auto.  No Magazine
12 Cobray Model PM-11 SN:  94-0022971 Pistol cal. 9mm.  No Magazine
13 Hi - Standard Dura - Matic M-101 SN: 766161 Pistol cal. 22 LR
14 Colt Mustard Pocketlite SN: PL 10692 Pistol cal. 380 Auto
15 C A I China M53 Mosin Nagant SN: T53025387 Rifle cal. 7.62 X 54 R with Sling, Black Tape Around Bayonet/Gun
16 J. Stevens Junior Model II No Serial Number Found Rifle cal. 22 LR.  Stock is cracked / poor condition

17 Savage Anschutz Match 64 SN: 748953 Rifle cal. 22 Long Rifle with Sling
18 Browning Arms (Japan) A-Bolt  SN: 05262PT136 Rifle cal. 22 LR Only Rifle
19 J. Stevens Little Scout 14 1/2 No Serial Number Found Rifle cal. 22 Long Rifle
20 Winchester 9422 M SN: F112086 Rifle cal. 22 Win Mag 
21 Hopkins & Allen Single Shot SN: F3869 Shotgun 16 ga. 
22 Marlin Model 39-A Lever Action SN: G2992 Rifle cal. 22 
23 Remington Wingmaster Model 870 SN: 544404W Shotgun 16 ga. 2 3/4 in. Shells with an Extra Barrel
24 Glenfield Model 75 SN:  70233518 Rifle cal. 22 LR Only
25 H & R Single Shot SN: A130289 Shotgun 12 ga.
26 Hawkins Muzzleloader Rifle SN: 191977 cal. 50 Black Powder Only.  No Paperwork Necessary
27 Scott & Son Muzzleloader Double Barrel #14 Rifle cal. 50.  No Paperwork Necessary
28 C V A Black Powder Only cal. 36 Made in Italy Revolver.  No Paperwork Necessary
29 Power Line Model 717 Pellet Pistol cal. .177 Pellet.  SN: K955140 No Paperwork Necessary
30 A S M Black Powder Only cal. 44 Made in Italy Revolver SN: 61609. Marked with a P N and a Star Above the Letters.  No Paperwork Necessary
31 Ruger Single- Six SN: 60-96522 Revolver cal. 22
32 Ruger Security- Six SN: 154-52368 Revolver cal. 357 Mag. In a Holster
33 Iver Johnson Top Break SN: 25269 Revolver cal. 32, 5 Shot.  Grips are broken and gun is in poor condition.  See Photos
34 Beretta 950 B S SN: BER32793T Pistol cal. 22 Short
35 Colt M K    I V   Series '80 Mustang SN: MU54330 Pistol cal. 380 Auto with Box



Lot # Description
500 Two German Bowie Knives- Large F A Bower Imp Co. And Smaller One By Associated Cutlery Germany 12 1/2" And 9 3/4" Total Length
501 Eleven Boxes Of Wolf .223 Rem 55 Gr Fmj Cartridges.  No Shipping Of Ammunition
502 Eleven Boxes Of .223 Cartridges- 6 Boxes Of Wolf 55 Gr Fmj And 5 Boxes Of Winchester Ranger 60 Gr Partition.  No Shipping Of Ammunition
503 Lyman All- American Reloading Dies 38/357 3- Die Pistol Set
504 Lyman D-7 Precision Reloading Scale In Box
505 Misc. Reloading Items- Lyman Reloading Handbook, Hercules Gun Powder, Empty Plastic Ammunition Cases, R C B S Burring Tool And More.  See Photos
506 Large Box Of Brass Pieces
507 1855 Model Austrian Saber with Scabbard- U. S. vendors bought these after the Civil War started to sell to mostly officers as U. S. could not produce enough.  Came from southern Indiana 50 years ago.
508 Antique U. S. Calvary Saber Model 1860 with Scabbard.  Manufactured 1865 by Mansfield & Lamb
509 Fixed Blade Buck Knives Knife 119  6" Blade, 10 1/2" Total Length with Black Buck Knives Sheath
510 Three S&W Pocket Knives in Boxes- One 1st Response 4 3/4" Closed Length and Two Homeland Security Black Blade 4 1/2" Closed Length
511 Lionsteel Pocket Knife Marked Mini Lionsteel Italy 440C Max Design in Box.   Made in Maniago in Italy.  Box Marked $129.00, 3 1/4" Closed Length
512 Two Smith & Wesson M&P Military Police Knives in Boxes- 1 with Black Blade Marked SWMP1S and SWMP3BS, 4 1/4" Closed Length
513 Two Pocket Knives- Smith & Wesson M&P Black Blade Marked SWMP4LS, 5" Closed Length and an S O G Kilowatt Pocket Knife, 4 1/2" Closed Length 
514 Four CZ Rifle Magazines New in Package cal. 22 LR, 10-Rounds
515 Four Sig Sauer Magazines New in Package- Three are MAG - 220 - 45 - 8 and One MAG - 1911 - 45 - 7
516 Five Ruger Magazines New in Package - 2 10-Shot 22 cal. 22/45 Mark III and Three 10-Shot, 22 cal.  22/45 Mark II
517 Six Miscellaneous Magazines in Packages- CZ for CZ75 SP-01, 18 Rounds, Sig Sauer MAG - 229 - 9 - E2 15 Rounds, Walther MAG PPK/S  SS FR .32, Chip McCormick Custom .38 Super Mag M1911 10 Round .28, Wilson Combat #47D 1911 Mag, .45 Acp. Full Size, 8 Round, Standard Base Pad, Beretta M92FS 9mm 15 RD
518 Seven Miscellaneous Loose Magazines- Made in Germany .22 Long Rifle, 3 Sig Sauer P220-1 .45, 2 Colt cal. 22 l.r. and One 9mm S S 
519 Sig Sauer CP1/G1 Prismatic Scope in Box
520 Four Beretta Recoil Reducers New in Package
521 Two Size 36 Uncle Mike's Black Inside the Pant Holsters New in Package
522 5.11 Tactical Series Black Holster Pouch and DBL Mag Pouch in Package
523 Three Magazine Pouches in Package- Galco Gunleather DMC Double Mag Carrier, Bianchi Gunleather Model 61 A Agent Double Mag Pouch and Blackhawk Belt Mounted DBL Mag Pouch Black
524 Three Lancer L5 Translucent Magazines New in Package 5.56mm x 45
525 The Ruger BX-25 X2 Magazine New in Package and a Loose Rifle Magazine Loose Marked DPMS
526 New Mernickle Holsters LG Holster
527 Two Pairs of Brown Orvis Uplander Shooting Gloves- 1 is New with Tags Says XL and a Brown Ammunition Belt Marked 62 - LG  9927
528 Two Pairs of Grips- 1 pair of Ivory Looking Stamped NRA and a Wood Pair with Ruger Mark
529 Four Bore Snakes Cleaning Pieces- 1 Rifle Cleaner .22 cal.,.223, 5.56mm, 1 Pistol Cleaner .44, .45 caliber, 1 308 caliber and 1 .22, .223 cal., 5.56mm
530 Miscellaneous Gun Cleaning Items- Adams Micro Polish Towel, Remington 40-X Bore Cleaner, Hoppe's 9 Quick Clean Cloth, Hoppe's 9 Maintenance Kit for Air Pistols, Air Rifles, BB Guns and Pellet Guns, Gun Stock Wax, Hoppe's 9 Brush/Swab Kit, Bag of Sinclair Bore Mops and Miscellaneous Bore Brushes, Brass Muzzle Guides, Professional Brass jags
531 Henry Gun Sight Kit New in Unopened Package
532 Troy 13.8" MRF-308 Rail DPMS High Profile, Black, in Box
533 Wood Butt Stock and Forearm
534 Three Small Holsters, Black Sling, Tactical, 2 Point 1 Inch with Ruger Recoil Pad Medium Fit in Package and a Cabela's Neoprene Shooting Pad Brown in Package
535 Miscellaneous Items- Gun Lock, 2" Picatinny Rail Set New in Package, Ruger Clear 10/22 Magazine, M P Viridiain Laser Sight New in Package Leupold Alumina Intensifier Kit, NEBO Protec Light, Sinclair AR-15 Rod Guide .223 Rem and a Smith & Wesson M&P Black Gun Case
536 Miscellaneous Ammunition- 11 Pieces of .22 cal., 16 Pieces of .45 Auto and a Box of Blazer .38 Special with 32 Cartridges.  NO Shipping of Ammunition