Market Day Building #3 Main Building, Box Lots Online Bidding Only,closes April 20th

Market Day Building #3 Main Building, Box Lots Online Bidding Only,closes April 20th

Online Only Market Day

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Due to the COVID-19 we are working to keep everyone safe. The dates are subject to change to follow guidelines sent out by our elected officials. Thank you for your understanding.


Pick Up Times will be Tuesday and Wednesday 9am-3pm Curbside pick up  


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3000 Shadow Box, Type Tray, Trinkets

3001 Longaberger 5 Tier Stand

3002 Crock 10" Tall

3003 #8 10.4" Cast Iron Skillet

3004 Washboard With Advertising 18.5" Tall

3005 #5 Crown Crock 15.5" Tall

3006 Metal And Wood Handle Pot 10" Tall

3007 Signed Indy Car Side

3008 Coal Bucket

3009 Brass Bucket 9" Tall

3010 Kitchen Aid Mixer

3011 2 Quilts

3012 Indiana Fur Company, Davidson Brothers Fur

3013 Ralph Lauren 3x Jacket

3014 3 Pieces, Quilt, Rug. Hand Made Quilt Top

3015 Record Player

3016 Sears Binoculars

3017 Rhonola Record Player

3018 Arvin Solid State Radio

3019 Keystone Projector

3020 Illustravox Junior Record Player

3021 Lady Mirror

3022 Westing House Record Player

3023 Concertone French Horn

3024 Oil On Canvas Damaged, Signed Abstract

3025 Xylophone In Ludwig Soft Case

3026 Zither #21 Mad In The Usa

3027 3 Camera Bags With Accessories

3028 Monopoly, Books, Plates, Games,

3029 Barbie, And Ken

3030 Red Crown Gas Globe Insert

3031 Raimor Gas Globe Insert

3032 Raimor Gas Globe Insert

3033 Matchbox Cars

3034 Precious Moments, Books

3035 Primitives, Cast Iron Items

3036 Cameras, Accessories, Porcelain Figurine, Purse,

3037 Crisper Tray, Kitchen Items,

3038 Depression Glass, Crock, Lenox, Carnival Glass

3039 Roller Skates

3040 Poppy Dishes Approx 100 Pieces

3041 Villeroy & Boch Dishes Approx 65 Pieces

3042 Salem Autumn Leaf Dishes Approx 50 Items

3043 Syracuse Governor Clinton Dishes Appro 84 Pieces

3044 W. A. Eyden Oil On Board 16.5x14.5 In Frame
Shore Line Scene

3045 W. A. Eyden Oil On Board 16.5x14.5 In Frame
Dock Scene

3046 Clayson Baker Oil On Canvas 16x14 In Frame
Winter Scene

3047 Dell Inspiron 17 3000 Password Locked

3048 H P Pavilion

3049 2 Amazon Echo

3050 Flat Of Costume Jewelry

3051 Flat Of Costume Jewelry

3052 5 Flat Of Costume Jewelry

3053 5 Flat Of Costume Jewelry

3054 Hand Painted Lamp

3055 Blue And White Lamp

3056 Oil Lamp

3057 Stainless Flatware

3058 Lamp Shade

3059 Oil Lamp

3060 Longaberger Bunny Teapot

3061 Rogers Plated Flatware

3062 Rogers Plated Flatware

3063 Stainless Flatware

3064 Roger Brothers Plated Flatware

3065 The England Clock Wall Clock

3066 Coco Clock

3067 Wall Sconces, Mirror

3068 Wall Phone Black Plastic

3069 Wall Phone Wooden

3070 Brass Desk Set

3071 Waterford Bowl

3072 Lladro Collectors Society

3073 Royal Doulton Silks And Ribbons

3074 Royal Doulton Paisley Shawl

3075 Royal Doulton Miss Demure

3076 Royal Doulton Cissie

3077 Royal Doulton Bo Peep

3078 Royal Doulton Jack

3079 Royal Doulton Little Boy Blue

3080 Royal Doulton Sweeting

3081 Collection Of 8 Villeroy & Broch Steins

3082 Oil On Board, And Oil On Canvas Painting Signed

3083 Pair Of Oil On Board Paintings Signed

3084 Pair Of Oil On Board Paintings Signed

3085 Pair Of Oil On Board Paintings Signed

3086 Pair Of Oil On Canvas Paintings Signed

3087 Shelf Of Train Layout Buildings, Slot Car Track,

3088 Advertising Tin, Crock, Drying Rack Damaged

3089 12 Flats Houses, Advertising, Milk Glass, Carnival
Glass, Owls, Dolls, Insulators, Tins, Plates

3090 Trina Door Stop, Graniteware, Glass Oil Jar

3091 2 Wood Advertising Boxes

3092 Red Green Yellow Glass Inserts, Stop, Go, Caution

3093 Fire Bell, Tooth Pick Holder

3094 Roy Rogers Lunch Box, Toys,

3095 8 Flats Shoe Shine, Indian Bead Craft, Cake Mold,
Jars, Boy Scout Misc,

3096 Washington St Print, Longaberger, Crock, Shelf

3097 Cobalt, Depression, Tins, Pyrex, Scarves, Molds

3098 Scale, Molds, Butter Crock, Oil Lamp, Marbles,
Flatware, Glassware,

3099 7 Pieces Of Longaberger Pottery

3100 Clock, Bowles, Roller Skates, Wooden Box, Cameras,
Jars, Bottles, Stamps, Insulators, Ties

3101 Tins, Crock Cracked, Jar, Dolls, Juicer

3102 Primitives, Cast Iron, Kitchen Utensils, Iron

3103 Wood Art, Bowls, Jar, Lantern, Grinder,

3104 Jars, Glassware, Tooth Pick Holder

3105 Bottles, View Masters, Grinder, Camera, Teapot,
Coffee Maker,

3106 Trains, Doll Clothes, Pic Frame

3107 Decanter, Puzzles, Games

3108 Coke Trays, Indy 500 Glasses, Tray, Knife

3109 Atari Games And Controllers, Beer And Coke
Advertising Tins

3110 2 Sets Of Book Ends, Brass Horse

3111 4 Flats Beer Advertising, Vie Master, Lantern,

3112 Schlitz Advertising, Gilbey's Thermometers, Belt
Buckles, Plane

3113 Coke And Bar Advertising

3114 Coke Advertising, Shadow Box, Masks, Book
Ends, Han On Nest

3115 Rocket, Turtle Lamp, Magazines, Horn, Ash Trays,
Advertising, Mustang, Mask, Game

3116 Precious Moments, Wedgewood, Glassware, Brass

3117 8 Flats Of Barbies

3118 Willow Ware, Fiesta, Bowles, Stemware, Pitcher, C
Coffee Pot, Vase

3119 Wedgewood, Lenox, Hummel, Cups, Place Mats,
Dishes, Doll, Platters, Xmas

3120 Canisters, Soup Tourine, Bowl, Glassware, Doll Box

3121 Platter, Dolls, Barbie, Glasses, Canisters,

3122 2 Flats Of Hummel Houses, Rockwell Mugs

3123 Longaberger Baskets, Houses, Dolls, Pottery,

3124 3 Lanterns

3125 Shoe Shine Bucket, Globe, Figurines, Camera,
Stemware, Coco Clock, Stein, Kodak, Vases,

3126 9 Pieces Of Longaberger

3127 Stemware, Xmas, Longaberger, Carnival Glass,
Platters, Pressed Glass, Gravy Boat, Longaberger Pottery

3128 Bible Dates Inside Cover 1890

3129 Picture Box

3130 Pink Stone Marked 10k

3131 Bracelet With 10k Emblem

3132 Ramp King Knife In Case Knife Case

3133 Salt And Pepper Shaker And Fork Sterling

3134 Sterling Cup

3135 Shells, Foreign Money

3136 17 Pictures
Birds, Scenes

3137 Gi Joe Car

3138 Verbena Music Box

3139 4 Flats; Toys, Toy Soldiers

3140 Star Wars Millenium Falcon Carrying Case

3141 Train

3142 7 Flats; Barbies, Spotlight, Pendants, Pokemon
Cards, Calenders, Bb Guns, Toys

3143 Nabisco Box Set, 6 Flats Of Dolls Clothing And

3144 4 Flats Of Comics

3145 2 Flats; Toys, Puzzle, Book, Matches

3146 Gi Joe Tank

3147 Gi Joe Car

3148 Tight Squeeze By Mattel Game

3149 Star Trek Romulan Warbird Toy

3150 Burton Western Rack

3151 Pyro Design A Plane Model

3152 Pro Hockey Game

3153 Adding Machine, Old Photo Book, Crystal Dish, Dial
Old Photos, Toy, Game Book, Eyeglasses

3154 2 Flats Of Toys, Flat Of Handheld Games

3155 Milton Bradley Mystery Date Game

3156 Monday Night Football Game

3157 4 Flats Of Comics

3158 Spooky Coffin, Peanuts Halloween

3159 Kids Cups, Decanter, Tool Set, Crystal, Suit

3160 8 Flats Of Toys, Action Figures

3161 Tv Rider Horse

3162 Wagon

3163 Approx 20 Flats Of Clothing, Shoes

3164 Approx 11 Loose Stamp Books, Approx 7 Boxes
Stamp Books, Stamps

3165 Approx 8 Flats Of Primitives, Blue Ball Jars,
Books, Wood Crate, Drinking Glasses

3166 Flat Of 2 Old Dolls

3167 5 Flats Of Hallmark Ornaments And Precious

3168 3 Longaberger Baskets

3169 Murat Shrine Hat In Case

3170 2 Pieces; Liberty Commemorative Knife,
Wyatt Earp Pocket Watch

3171 4 Flats; Star Wars Toy, Starting Line Up Figures,
Snow White, Doll Clothes, Train Church

3172 Coke Clock, 2 Disney Pictures, 4 Thermometers

3173 Matchbox Cars, Ertl Car Banks, Speedway
Drinking Glasses, Model Planes, Toy Planes

3174 Gi Joe Toys, Hot Wheels, Star Trek, Star Wars,
Coke Clock, Drink Coasters, Lionel Train, Model Planes, Coke Tray, Plane Coin Bank, Coke Items

3175 Winner Circle Action Figures, Toy Cash Register,
Drinking Glasses, Tinker Toys, Kiss Action Figure, Star Wars, Star Trek, 2 Empty Barbie Cases, Lunch Boxes

3176 2 Old Framed Photos, Gloves, Piano Phone,
Candle Holders, Dresser Set, Wallet, Blue Glass, Lenox Vase, Book Ends, Asian Art Glass, Marble Like Container

3177 Old Books, Matchbox Toys, Computer Game, Posters

3178 Framed Sports Pictures, Comics, Yearbooks,
Footballs, Ball Cards

3179 4 Flats; Coins, Dollar Bill, Flag, Tokens

3180 Purses, Fabric, Sherbert Glasses

3181 Ruby Red Glass, Toys, Coke Napkin Holder,
Blue And White Glass, Metal, Decor Plates, Decor Bowls, Statues

3182 Tonka Trucks, Horses, Wood Bowls, Linens,
Football, Pooh Book Ends, Copper Pots, Cookie Plate, Lenox Vase, Christmas Cups And Napkins, Toy Car Set, Oneida Food Warmer

3183 Board Games, Toy Cars, Racing Mugs,
Racing Pocket Knife, Jeff Gordon Doll, Large Rc Car

3184 Fostoria Dishes

5000 Cookie Jar, Kitchen-aid Juicer, Misc Luggage

5001 Framed Cat Print, Under The Bed Tote, Rainbow
Sweeper, Invacare Oxygen Machine, Exerciser, Dyson

5002 Kitchen Items, Used Shark Steam Mop, Plush
Animals, Baskets, Store Items, Glassware, Decor

5003 Projector, Wii Fit, Monitor, Air Inovations,
Glassware, Blood Pressure Cuff, Christmas, Mantle Clock

5004 Table Broken Down, Luggage, Egg Cooker, Table

5005 Meat Slicer, Bread Maker, Lamp Shade, Kirby
Sweeper, Basket

5006 Kirby, Shower Stool, Books, Mugs, Purses,
Clothes, Dog Bed, Kitchen Appliances,

5007 Puppet. Ball Cards, Apron, Totes

5008 Drinking Glasses, Coverlet, Pillows, Art Work,
Luggage Stand, Paper Weights

5009 Sewing Notions, Singer Sewing Machine, Doll,
Baskets, Halloween Decor, Sewing Books, Fans, Scissors

5010 Baskets, Blankets, Games, Lamps, Shoe Rack, Bags,
Foam, Yarn Kits, Wood Box, Soft Goods, Ice Cream Maker

5011 Christmas Decor, Dolls, Glassware, Trophies,
Kitchen Utensils, Coffee Mugs, Home Decor

5012 Dynex Tv, Saw, Luggage

5013 Mantle Clock, Easter Decor, Porcelain House,
Projector Screen, Figurines, Presidential Books, Milk Glass, Nativity Scene

5014 Lamp, Shelf, Luggage

5015 Lamps, Electrical Cords, Office Supplies, Clothing
Eagle Figurines, Kitchen Goods, Purses

5016 Moes Sign, Electronics, Power Supplies,
Christmas Decor, Fire Escape

5017 Kitchen Goods, Glassware, Knick Knacks,
Playing Cards, 3 Pieces Of Artwork, Sewing Machine, Planters, Ice Cream Machine, Milk Glass Lamp, Pottery, Planters

5018 4 Boxes Of Sports Cards And Magazines

5019 Reading Lamps, Glassware, Tupperware, Blanket Set,
Christmas Boxes, Bunny Picture, Pots, Pans, Home Decor, Christmas Decor

5020 Tupperware, Lock Box, Soft Goods, Towels, Sheets,
Coat Hangers, Office Supplies, Small Kitchen Appliances, Heating Pads, Zip Lock Bags

5021 Crocks, Glassware, Christmas Decor, Tupperware,
Candles, Coffee Mugs, Towels, Kitchen Goods, Books, Magazines, Baskets

5022 Candy Dishes, Glassware, Candles,
Kids Record Player, Stained Glass Light Fixture, Cups, Saucers, Dog Bowls, Vases

5023 Roasting Pan, Coffee Maker, Toys, Light Fixtures

5024 Mcdonalds Toys, Kids Toys, Milk Glass,
Kitchen Utensils, Cups, Saucers, Beanie Babies, Baskets, Depression Glass, China, Lamps, Plates, Dishes

5025 Approx 40 Pieces Of Artwork

5026 Automatic Trash Can, Neck Massagers,
Shelves, Napkins, Printer, Pillows, Towels, Books

5027 Lighthouses, Lamp Shades, Hand Painted Dishes,
Milk Glass, Canisters, Coffee Mugs, Drinking Glasses

5028 Luggage, Lamp Shades, Candlesticks, Beer Cans,
Electronics, Sporting Goods

5029 Snow Globe, Canisters, Cow Figurines,
Animal Figurines, Yard Decor, Artwork, Dishes, Molds, Cutter

5030 Dvds, Landscape Artwork, Needlepoint, Frames,
Canisters, Wall Decor, Pots, Pans

5031 Artwork, Christmas Decor, Books, Projector,
Mirror, Dishes, Porcelain Houses

5032 Backpacks, Coolers, Computer Case, Luggage,
Halloween Decor, Christmas Decor, Snowmen, Camping Chair

5033 Cabbage Patch Dolls, Christmas Decor, Kids Books,
Books, Soft Goods, Pillows

5034 Large Teddy Bear, Dvds, Clothing, Christmas Decor,
Sports Goods

5035 Bed Sides, Lamp, Speaker, Christmas Tree
Fan, Flag

5036 Porcelain Houses, 8 Tracks, Flags, Puzzles,
Christmas Decor, Pitcher And Bowl

5037 Hoover Sweeper, Lamps, Corkboard, Soft Goods,
Trash Cans, Hot Plate, Luggage, Pole, Lockbox

5038 Tv, Flag, Sports Goods, Army Gear, Tools, Toys

5039 Bowling Ball, Golf Clubs, Cooler, Shoes,
Soft Balls, Soft Ball Gear, Toys

5040 Glassware, Candle Holders, Wall Mirror, Toys,
Books, Phone Cases, Glassware, Household Goods

5041 Pictures, Candles, Flags, Soft Goods, Dishes,
Clock, Lamp

5042 Cushions

5043 6 Lamps, Mirror, Picture, Empty Lladro Boxes

5044 Exercise Equipment, Luggage, Shredder, Basket

5045 Neck Massager, Radio, Pillows, Trophies, Artwork,

5046 Iron, Soft Goods, Hangers, Radio, Clock, Wall Art,
Bags, Stereo

5047 Games, Glassware, Home Decor, Cooler, Frisbee,
Drinking Glasses, Books

5048 Cooler, Luggage, Scarecrows, Printer Stand,
Bowling Ball, Heater, Lamps, Baskets, Shelf, Fireplace Set

5049 Approx 10 Pieces Of Artwork

5050 Exercise Mat, Shelf, Bbq Set, Christmas Tree,
Pillows, Umbrella, Dog Cage, Golf Bag, Drying Rack

5051 Toaster Oven, Kitchen Goods, Dolls, Lamps, Home
Decor, Luggage, Coffee Maker, Mugs

5052 Quilts, Soft Goods, Velcro, Wood Tray, Figurines,
Tissue Paper

5053 Pillows, Cutter, Lamp, Mixer, Old Toys,
Flatware, Coffee Mugs, Dishes, Soft Goods

5054 Foldable Mobility Chair

5055 Wheelchair

5056 Wheelchair

5057 Legos, Air Mattress, Ad Tins, Books

5058 Trash Can, Artwork, Home Decor, Vases, Frames,
Light Fixture, Empty Tote

5059 Longaberger Basket, Wire, Computer Screen, Cooler,
Toys, Nativity Scene, Books, Bats, Cast Iron Pot

5060 Saw, Books, Silver Plate, Dishes, Roaster,
Easter Eggs, Yarn

5061 3 Pieces Of Electronics, Samsung Tv,
Ottoman, Pillows, Toaster Oven

5062 Pots, Pans, Kitchen Goods, Cookie Jars,

5063 Beer Cans, Legos, Magazines, Baskets,

5064 Cds, Beer Stein, Baskets, Vases, Flowers,
Coffee Mugs, Glassware, Kitchen Goods, Christmas Decor, Dishes

5065 Baskets, Artwork, Books, Pressure Cooker,
Toaster, Puzzles

5066 Office Supplies, Books, Baskets, Salt And Peppers

5067 Beanie Babies, Pager, Tv Guides

5068 Electronics, Speakers, Quilts, Glassware

5069 Stuffed Animals, Kitchen Goods, Artwork,
Bedding, Daisy Duck Hat

5070 Occ Mug Set, Coke Trays, Artwork,
Makers Mark Sign, Toys, Mini Blinds, Games

5071 Dartboards, Bowling Pins, Helmet,
Office Supplies, Ash Trays, Beer Cans

5072 Vhs Tapes, Coffee Mugs, Budweiser Ad, Coke Bottles

5073 Wigs, Hats, Christmas Decor, Collector Plates,
Soft Goods, Tiaras

5074 Cereal Boxes, Kitchen Goods, Frames, Wood,
Cigarette Lighters, Jewelry, Wall Clock Parts

5075 Mason Jars, Purses, Bags, Stemware,
Stuffed Animals, Canning Jars

5076 Mirrors, Tupperware, Touch Lamp, Crock Pot,
Toaster Oven, Fan, Scale, Pots, Pans

5077 Baskets, Wire Racks, Soft Goods, Lamp Shades,
Vases, Artwork, Kitchen Goods

5078 Wall Mirrors, Bowls, Greenery, Shelf, Vhs Tapes,
Floral Arrangements, Toys, Office Supplies

5079 Coke Bottles, Bottles, Glassware, Toys,
Lamp, Ash Trays, Dolls

5080 Candles, Collector Plates, Hats, Books,

5081 Beer Cans, Stemware, Radio, Soft Goods,
Dishes, Lamp, Home Decor, Music Stand, Books

5082 Dolls, Collector Plates, Fake Flowers, Fabric,

5083 Dolls, Basket, Books, Planters, Doll Clothing,
Hats, Christmas Decor

5084 Soft Goods, Towels, Baskets, Holiday Decor

5085 Candles, Baskets, Art Work, Books, Flowers,

5086 Lamps, Bowling Balls

5087 Canning Jars And Lids, Stemware, Drinking Glasses
Toys, Jackets,

5088 Bowling Ball, Electronics, Tupperware, Punch Bowl
Coffee Mugs, Camera, Decor,

5089 Jars, Halloween Decor, Candie Molds, Books, Place

5090 Games, Books, Dishes, Art Work

5091 Totes Of Dress Patterns, Blankets, Clothing

5092 Willow Ware, Books, Hat Box, Lamps, Doll Furniture

5093 Toy Chest, Harley Davidson Orgnizer, Toys, Jar,
Party Favors,

5094 Chest Pieces, Race Car Track, Toys, Puzzles,
Candles, Xmas,

5095 Kitchen Goods, Pans, Electronics, Books, Serving,
Tripod, Fan

5096 Golf Clubs, Step Ladders, Lamp, Sweeper

5097 Folding Chairs, Type Writer, Air Matress

5098 Advertising Tins, Vhs, Matches, Black Light, Coke

5099 6 Sets Of Dishes

5100 Stereo, Pictures, Yamaha Reciever, Steamer, Iron,

5101 Lamp Shades, Glasses, Theater System, Foot Switch
Sweeper, Incubator,

5102 Bowling Set, Mickey Mouse, Decor, Shoe Shine,

5103 Clothing, Jars, Flowers, Coal Bucket, Cutter,
Baskets, Lamp,

5104 Toys, Knitter, Stereo, Tins, Pic Frames, Cameras,

5105 Stuffed Animals, Toys

5106 Stuffed Animals, Toys, Board Games

5107 Pair Of Lamps, Storage Bin, Vhs Tapes, Blacklight
Small Green Lamp, Purse Decor

5108 Metal File Cabinet, Matches, Ash Trays, Envelopes,
Vr Glasses, Floppy Disc, Dental Tools

5109 Puzzle, Castor Wheels, Coin Bank, Router, Frames,
Polaroid Camera, Knick Knacks, Remote

5110 Stuffed Animals, Dont Upset Me Game,
Old Stuffed Santa, Wall Coverings

5111 Drink Shakers, Umbrella Base, Newspapers,
George Foreman, Pots, Pans, Wrapping Paper, Beer Bucket

5112 Dvd Player, Pots, Pans, Angel Statue,
Board Games, Puzzles, Plastic

5113 Cameras, Video Recorder, Baseball Mitts,
Framed Plastic Pictures

5114 Box Of Dolls

5115 Scarecrows, Board Games, Fabric,
Kids Record Player, Blankets, Wood Decor, Nativity Scene, Dehydrator

5116 Lamps, Ribbon, Basket, Wood Decor,
Cd Player, Outdoor Decor

5117 Blankets, Quilts

5118 Fabric Rolls, Luggage, Basket, Outdoor Decor

5119 Books, Clear Glass, Pictures, Frames, Dolls,
Needlepoint, Silverplate

5120 Baskets, Coat Racks, Frames, Music Stand,
Book Ends, 8 Tracks, Vases, Glassware

5121 Throw Pillow, Cutlery Set, Ceiling Light,
Meat Grinder, Books, Cups, Glassware, Bear

5122 Lunch Bag, Cake Pan, Office Supplies,
Glass Bottles, Collector Plates