Frequently Asked Questions


What is a buyers premium?

A Buyers premium is a set percent that will be charged to the end of the invoice sale price. For instance 10% buyers premium you bid $100 on an item the buyers premium will be $10 total for the item will then be $110. Indiana tax law regulates that we charge tax on the buyers premium.

Christy's does charge a buyers premium at most all auction events. Those premiums very between each auction event.

What Forms of Payment are Acceptable?

Christy’s of Indiana accepts cash, local check, Visa and Mastercard, Discover at their weekly auctions. Credit cards will be charged a 3% convenience fee

How are Many Items Sold at Christys?

  1. First, we try to sell items individually. However, we can only sell what is requested by the public individually.
  2. When items are not requested to sell individually, they are sold by the flat full. Sometimes one or more flats will even sell together if one flat does not sell by itself.
  3. Everybody has stuff and unfortunately these goods will not sell individually. They are sold by the box full. Again, sometimes it is necessary to sell one or more boxes together from them to sell.
  4. Our last resort is to group items/boxes together and sell by large lots or by the skid.

The auctioneers and staff of Christy’s will place your items in the appropriate auction rings according to our experience of previous sales.

We try to treat our consignors equally, if you are not happy with our policies and conditions, we may not be the auction company for you. Thank you for your consideration.

Sellers: Every item may not be described on your print out.

How Do I Bid at Auction?

It’s simple! At the beginning of the sale, just visit the auction office to obtain your bid number. Identification will be required at your first auction. Then hold your bid number high so that the auctioneer will see you as you are bidding. Can’t understand how much is asked? Just listen closely to the auctioneer or ask a ring assistant. They will help you with your bid.

Please remember, a bid is a verbal contract between you and the auctioneer. If you are the high bidder and the auctioneer declares the item sold, it is now your responsibility to secure the item and pay for it.


What is Market Day?

Every Wednesday starting at 9am we begin selling antiques, modern goods, estates, guardianships, farm fleet, and many other items. Market Day is open to the public.

  1. Auction Ring #1 Main Ring selling requests of glassware, art, jewelry, and other collectibles.
  2. Auction Ring #2 Tool Building selling farm fleet, tools, garage goods, and commercial liquidations.
  3. Auction Ring #3 Box Lots selling box lots of common household goods.
  4. Auction Ring #4 Furniture Building selling antique, new and used furniture.
  5. Auction Ring #5 Specialty Building selling multipe range of items from coins, longaberger, guns, store closeouts
  6. Auction Ring #6 Jewelry Ring selling in our conference room selling costume jewelry and jewelry related items
  7. Auction Ring #7 Vehicle / Rolling Stock Noon, we sell automobiles, trucks and boats.

PREVIEW: Monday - Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Can I Set a Minimum on my Items that Sell on Market Day?

Only jewelry and automobiles have a reserve. Since there are many items to be sold each Market Day, all items must be sold without reserve. This allows the auction to maintain a reasonable duration of time.

Please keep in mind that Christy’s marketing will bring the buyer to the auction.

What if I can’t Attend on Market Day?

Christy’s of Indiana allows for absentee bidding. Preview the items personally at our building Monday through Friday 8-5 p.m. Fill out the absentee bid form and the auction staff will bid competitively on your behalf.