Company History

Company History

Auctioneering of personal property, real estate or commercial goods has long been an effective marketing channel. In some cases, the auctioneer acts as a broker for the seller after the owner consigns the goods for sale under mutually agreed upon conditions. In other cases, the seller may desire the auctioneer to acquire title to the goods in order to resell them. Auctions can be private or public, on-site or transported to Christys’ Auction Gallery. Flow charts are available for specific marketing plans of the clients’ goods.

Christy’s of Indiana, a family-operated, licensed auction gallery, was founded in 1975. The spacious nine-acre complex with over 34,000 square feet of auction rings and storage facilities is monitored for security. Storage and secured vaults are available at the facility for merchandise awaiting auction, court release and / or approval for the settlement of estates.

Auctioneering – a long and colorful history

The word auction is derived from the latin root auctus, an increase. According to Greek history, auctions existed around 500 B.C. in Babylon, where women of marriageable age were sold on condition that they be wed. Auctions have long been held for the liquidation of property and were used by ancient Romans.

Auctions have deep roots in many cultures of the world, and to this day they are widely used as an effective mechanism for fine art, real estate, automobiles, fish, livestock, antiques, and furs, just to name a few.