General FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q- What is a buyers premium?

A Buyers premium is a set percent that will be charged to the end of the invoice sale price. For instance 10% buyers premium you bid $100 on an item the buyers premium will be $10 total for the item will then be $110. Indiana tax law regulates that we charge tax on the buyers premium. Christy's does charge a buyers premium at most all auction events. Those premiums very between each auction event.

Q- How are Many Items Sold at Christys?

Items will be described and photographed and sold via online auctions, Some everyday items may be sold in larger lots to fetch the seller the most amount of money.

We try to treat our consignors equally, if you are not happy with our policies and conditions, we may not be the auction company for you. Thank you for your consideration.

Sellers: All items may not be listed on your final settlement report. If you have questions please refer to past auctions and view photos.

Q- How Do I Bid at Auction?

Please login to our bidding platform by visiting

Q- Why are bidders required to follow bidding increments?

Bid Increments are set to help bidders. These are set to keep the flow of the auction timing, and keep bidders from getting out bid by a penny.

Q- What is a soft close?

Soft close is a set time that will be added to the closing of a lot that get a bid within the the last few seconds. We usually use a 1 minute soft close. So that if an item get a bid with 50 seconds left until closing it will then get 1 minute added to the closing time. So the closing time then will be 1:50 until closing.

Payments FAQ

Q- What type of payments are accepted for online auctions?

All online transactions require a credit card as payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Unless  you are purchasinng a titled vehicle, or the balance is above the $2,000 threashhold

Q- When are payments processed?

Payment will be processed within 1 hour after the entire auction is complete.

Q- When do items need to be picked up

You are required to have items removed within the listed time frame on the website.You can find these times within the auction terms, Auction Info pages. Onsite auction (locations not at Christys facility) are very specific to the items removal time. If you leave items past the pick up times they are considered abandon and you will not recieve a refund. 

Pick Up FAQ

We prefer local pick up at the item location. Shipping can be done at the buyers expense 

Q- Does Christy’s have packing material or loading help at location pick up?

No we do not provide any packing material, or help loading of items at the location.

Q- Pick up times and locations

All pick up times and locations will be on the website. Most online auctions will be onsite at the homes or business. If you have questions please go to the website for details. Auctions will go into past auctions the day after closing.

Q- What happens if I do not pick up the items in the allotted time?

Your items will be disposed of and you will not receive a refund. You will then be removed from our bidding website, and not allowed to bid in future auctions.

6851 Madison Ave Indianapolis, IN 46227 

Hours are Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm 

Phone 317-784-0000