How does Christy’s work?

How does Christy’s work?

We work in a couple of different ways. You can bring your items (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY) to us or we can pick them up. The difference for you is in the commission rates that you are charged. The most economical is to bring the good to us where we have men to help you unload.

1. If you bring your items to us we will charge a small commission fee plus a lot charge. A “lot” means every time the auctioneer says SOLD. Sometimes they are selling a whole bedroom set and sometimes they will be selling just one couch. Whatever they are selling is considered a “lot.”

2. We also offer pick up service. When we come to pick up your items the commission’s scale works much differently. There is a small truck charge in the Marion County area, outside our county the truck charge will be more, and the commission rate is based on a sliding fee scale. The scale is dependent on the total dollar amount that your items bring. The more you sell, the better your commission rate. The other charge that you may incur is if you want us to pack the small items. We will charge per box that we pack. However you can supply good durable boxes and the tape for our crew at your expense.

3. Everything is sold to the highest bidder. There are NO reserve prices or set prices.

How much does it cost to sell a vehicle?

The cost to sell a vehicle is a flat fee, charged whether you sell your vehicle or NOT. You can put a reserve price on the vehicle. We must have title (IN YOUR NAME) and keys to the vehicle before the auction.

How do we receive payment?

Checks are ready one week after your items are auctioned. You can pick up your check on Tuesday or Wednesday (one week after your auction) or we will put your check in the mail on Wednesday evening.

ITEMS CHRISTY’S WILL NOT TAKE: upright pianos, home model electric organs (except Hammond Model A, B & C Series), most floor model stereos (not all), remodeling /construction pull outs, upholstered furniture that is soiled, worn, torn, used mattress sets, drop side baby cribs, baby car seats, older child restraint items, protected animal items, alcohol, medicines, assorted chemicals and chemical products, older computers/printers/monitors, general type clothing and shoes, older model tv’s, large desks and older office machines, water beds, and older model exercise equipment. Items that show neglect, damage, wear or in need of repair, garage sale leftovers, desks and particle board furniture, certain types of entertainment centers and armoires, any other items deemed unsellable by our crew.

Popular categories: Mid Century Modern, Danish Modern, Asian Modern, 1960’s Pop/Mod/Kitsch, Arts and Crafts/Mission, Industrial, High Style Contemporary/Designer Items.


We do offer a complete appraisal service, estates, divorce and bankruptcies.

We are connected with many web sites such as,,, IAA and National Auctioneers web sites, and many others.

Please Keep In Mind We May Not Be Able to Serve Everyone. 

6851 Madison Ave Indianapolis, IN 46227 

Hours are Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm 

Phone 317-784-0000